AESTHETIX Studio is an aesthetic and semi permanent clinic that focuses on leveraging ad­vances in technology and medicine to make you look more beautiful and youthful. We at AESTHETIX Studio is proud to have an ad­vanced facility clinic with qualified dermatologists, cosmetologists, trichologists, body and skin thera­pists. Our state of the art facility is well equipped with advanced equipment and infrastructure that gives you an unique experience of the best of what aesthetic medicine and the best semi permanent makeover has to offer.

  • We are a rare combination of the aesthetics of beauty and the science of semi permanent makeup under a single unified platform. Our team of experts would guide you through a detailed analysis of your overall medical conditions and customize tailor made beauty treatment plans for you. We are committed to give you the best in the field of aesthetics and semi permanent beauty techniques

  • Conscious folks invest lots in beauty treatments and these require repetition at short and regular intervals. We are AESTHETIX Studio offer the best alternatives to average beauty treatments and we assure you that we are here to help you in a way that your investments last long and visibly long. We will together traverse the path towards transforming you to look your best, hale and youthful. Our complex and technologically sophisticated procedures and our highly qualified team deliver the best results. We are here to help you relax and restore the beauty in you that you truly deserve.

Our Team

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Dr. Alla Chernoleva